Done Right: French Toast Crunch French Toast


Love breakfast? Love fried food? Love French Toast? Love the 90s? Love high fructose corn syrup? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions (you should have said yes to all of them, btw) then you’re going to love the French Toast Crunch French Toast I made. So hang on to your baguettes because I am going to take you on a very meta high cholesterol joy ride.

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Done Right: Duck Egg Embryo Po’Boy

duck egg balut po boy

I was on a po boy kick for the past couple of weeks until I got food poisoning at Pier 247 -___-. I wouldn’t be surprised if they caught their seafood in the Trinity. 3 days later, I still needed a proper po boy fix #teamfiend and I wanted to try something new so I hit up the azn mart.  As soon as I walked in I spotted some Balut eggs, and it was love at first sight. If you’re not familiar with what Balut is then you NEED TO TAKE A LOOK AT THIS FIRST. Then keep reading.

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Done Right: Parmigiano Reggiano Bowl

parm edit 1

Roses, chocolate truffles, jewelry….Who wants that perfect love story anyways? cliché cliché cliché. Yes you can drop $$$ on things that your lady already had on her plate. cliché cliché cliché. Or….. step yo game up and have her live the GLUT LIFE this Valentine’s day. Nothing says I heart you more than droppin’ some cheddar on 15LBs of Parmesan!

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Done Right – Seattle Dogs

Seattle Style Hotdogs

This year The Super Bowl had to be the worst one I’ve every seen. I swear I kept thinking I was getting trolled. The Game was sucked, all ads were horrible (except for this Doritos one,which didn’t even air!), the intro with Kurt “Snake” Russell was lame, and the Halftime show… WTF, the NFL definitely trolled America. That being said we wanted to show our support to the Sea Hawks on their first Super Bowl win and show everyone out there how they do dogs in The Emerald City with a Glut Life twist, of course. cool

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Glutlife Does Vancouver – Thai Son

Thai Son Vancouver BC

Canada is funny. It really reminded me of a Twilight Zone version of America. Everything looked and felt like the USA but when you really started to look close, things were definitely different. It was like a pretend version of America. I cant really describe it but I felt that all the Canadians I met and saw were doing a weird impression of how they thought Americans talked / acted. But before I get off subject lets focus on what this post is about, THE FOOD.  I don’t know if most people know this, but Vancouver has a huge Asian food scene. This is a good thing. I love love love love me sum azn food and after a day of hiking in the damp cold, nothing sounds better than a bowl of pho. So I took my Canadian hostess’s recommendation and took a trip to Thai Son.

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GlutLife Does Portland – VooDoo Doughnuts

VooDoo Doughnuts Portland

You can’t go to Portland without going to VooDoo Doughnuts, right? Cause I mean these are like the best doughnuts in the entire woooooorld! (online sarcasm, c’mon guys). Anyway, I heard of Voodoo a while back on one of those food shows, and I have always wondered what all the hype was about. So on my last day in Portland I decided to check out what Voodoo had to offer.

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GlutLife Does Portland – Shut Up And Eat

Shut Up and Eat Portland

I loooove me some breakfast, but you wanna know what I love more? SANDWICHES. So my first morning in Portland it was a must to do both. This was my first time in PDX so I hit up the interwebs to source some good good. I came across this place called  Shut Up and Eat, which was right close to where I was staying so I decided to check it out. I mean really how could a place specializing in sandwiches suck?

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GlutLife Does LA – Masa

Masa Pizza Echo Park Los Angeles

When my buddies kept telling me we had to check out this place called Masa in Echo Park, I was pretty suspect. But they insisted that the deep dish pizza there was bomb diggity. In my head I was thinking Jesus, I hope this isn’t one of those places that serves that California green vegan soy garbage, that they pass off as pizza. But as soon as I walked in I new this was far far far away from any kind of that nasty hippie “pizza” I was dreading, THANK GOD.

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GlutLife Does LA – Umami Burger

Umami Burger-Los Angeles

We up in La-La Land, bae!
If you have been following the blog, you know I’m definitely an east coast kind of guy. NYC got my heart, yo. While LA has always been fun, its never been someplace where I felt like I had to go. Maybe it was my inner hater, but it’s always seemed so fake too me. From the weather always being perfect, to the people there always smiling. NO ONE IS ALWAYS THAT HAPPY. I’m used to the dark overcast weather of the east, and the grumpy people on the subway. Buuuuuut, This trip was different. This trip had me LOVING you, LA. and it all started with this Umami Burger (and lots and lots of alcohol).

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