Brunch: State Fair of Texas

The Glut Life - Turkey Leg and Funnel Cake

TOO early for all this. Being dragged out of bed after a night of endless debauchery to be around the mass of “people” (using the word people VERY loosely)  at the State Fair really ain’t our cup of tea. Hearing everyone and their momma raving about fried this and fried that. Don’t get us wrong, fried is GOOD. But we know we could run circle around what the State Fair can dish out. Time to get creative instead of letting someone create for us.

State Fair of Texas - Turkey Leg and Funnel Cake

ATL STAND UP….salute us, put the Chicken and Waffles to sleep, then take a seat. Lookin at you Jermaine Dupri,  with ya’ broke ass. Brunch in Texas is now 2lb Turkey Leg and Funnel Cake…Texas Sized. and Uhhhh, why hasn’t anyone thought about this before? Cause its F*CKING GENIUS. The smokiness/saltiness of turkey pairs perfectly with the sweet, over fried dough of the funnel cake. Especially if you get the cinnamon apple topping. Then add some syrup on there and even David Blaine aint got nothing on this kind of magic.

State Fair of Texas - Brass Monkey

Oh and on the beverage tip, best believe we come correct…  Shiner and OJ. That’s right we mixing up Brass Monkeys up in the fair, Texas Style, yo… What Big Tex know bout that.

So on that note we wish the fair a bon voyage. We wuv you <3

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