Dallas Mavericks vs. OKC Thunder: 2/1/12

Dallas Mavericks vs Thunder feb 1 2012 The Glut Life

Both of us were born and raised in Dallas, so when we got a chance to go to the Mavs game the other night we jumped all over it.  Plus, we  had been wanting to do a post over the food in the AAC, so we went with it. The Mavs  played our neighbors to the north, The Oklahoma City Thunder and even though we ending up losing the game it was still CRAY.

Hit the jump to see how we roll.

hiding pocket shot at Basketball game

First off, I want to thank the inventor of the Pocket Shot. GOD, this person is a genius… They seriously made my night. I’ve snuck booze into things before in a zip-lock bag, but it has always ended in tragedy when the bag would break. But now thanks to these babies there’s no need to worry about wet socks.

pocket shot in coke at dallas maverick nba game

Okay, Lets Talk Food.

hot nuts whiskey coke dallas mavericks the glut life

First Course:
A big ol’ bag of Hot Nuts and my Pocket Shot’d Whiskey & Coke. Again, you put the word “Hot” or “Spicy” in front of anything, and I’m all over it. I mean why would you get the normal favor if you have options… Right?

bacon pizza chili cheese fries dallas texas mavericks The Glut Life

Second Course:
So after we used up all the Pocket Shots, and were feeling kinda buzzed/creative/hungry (a deadly combo) we decided to custom make our dinner. Got the fries from a burger place. The the chili, cheese, sour cream, jalapeno from another stand. THEN… We got a cheese pizza, rolled over to a BBQ hut, and had them throw some bacon and sauce on it.

sharing bacon pizza with a homeless man

On the walk back to the loft, ran into this guy lookin’ for some cash…
“Dude, we ain’t got no cash for ya’ but we have this BBQ Bacon Cheese Pizza we need help eating.”


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