Dinner: Doña Tota Gorditas

Doña Tota Gordita tacos and jarritos
So after finally getting over my pork hangover from our Pig Roast, I decided to hit the streets looking for something new and stumbled on Doña Tota Gorditas. Doña Tota is a fast food chain from south of the border, with over 250 locations in Mexico and only a hand full in Texas(this is the only one in Dallas). Their specialty is gorditas, and lemme tell you, these little meat pockets are GOOOOD.

Doña Tota Gorditas salsa
Another great thing about this place is the prices. Each gordita, comes in at under $2.00, oh and the house made salsas here are actually spicy(this is HUGE factor for me). They make two different types, a red and a green. The red sauce has cream added to it, which gives it a tomato vodka sauce look and a green sauce is made with tomatillo and fresh cilantro. Each salsa is made with a ton of serrano pepper so don’t be fooled by my weak descriptions cause these things are FUKIN’ SPICY! and I love’em.

Gordita Maker
This lovely looking robot makes the glorious corn pockets that will soon be full of all sorts of stewed meats. They also offer a flour gordita for all the white people gringos out there.

Doña Tota Gorditas flavors
Ahhhh yessss, the wall of pocket fillings. I tried all the flavors except the ones that came without meat cause, veggie anything is gross, let alone veggie gorditas.

Doña Tota Gorditas Dallas Texas
Ok so on a final thought, Doña Tota Gorditas is a pretty good place, but I’m not going to lie after my third gordita everything started to taste the same. Which isn’t really a bad thing. I just know now that three gorditas is the cut off. Also, Jarritos sodas are all good and everything, but i mean c’mon Doña, WHERE THE BEER AT!?


  1. Marlon Bruno

    Hola estimados amigos!
    Me gustaría conocer si es posible tener información del fabricante del robot que emplan para elaborar los corn pockets. Estoy trabajando con otro tipo de producto (arepas venezolanas) y quisera contactar al fabricante para conocer si puede adaptar sus diseños a nuestro producto.
    Muchas gracias!

    • Sachary

      Lo siento amigo, estamos a sólo dos chicos que tienen su blog acerca de lugares fríos. Es necesario ponerse en contacto con Doña Tota Gorditas y obtener la información de ellos. Si lee culpa divertida google translate. Yo no hablo español. BUENA SUERTE

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