Dinner: Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar

Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar Dallas

For National Fried Chicken Day, we wanted to check out Dallas’ newest bucket joint, Sissy’s Southern Kitchen. Believe us that anything fried is on our bucket list, and when we heard you can get  a 10 piece bucket plus a side for $20 we jumped all over it! Sissy’s dishes up food so good it would make you want to Slap. Yo. Mama.

Lump Crab Cakes

First up was the Lump Crab Cake. The cake itself was proper; moist, succulent, and not oily.The gribiche sauce paired perfect with the crab. Tangy but not tart. The garnish on the other hand had so many stems, Snoop Dog wouldn’t know want to do with it. Sissy, how bout next time you keep the stems in the garden, eh?

Baked Mac and Cheese

Side dish of baked mac and cheese did hit the spot. Served in a cast iron dish kept the cheese warm and gooey. Comfort only a mama could deliver and now….Sissy’s. But in proportion to the bucket of chicken, we wished the sides came GLUT-sized. Even an anorexic high-school cheerleader would be craving more.

Pressure Cooked Fried Chicken

Now what we came here for…the CHICKEN. There was something amazing about seeing a silver bucket NOT full of cervezas, but filled to the brim with the best breasts to come out of the South since Dolly Parton’s double D’s. The house chili sauce was an added bonus to the bucket. No booty hurt here, this sauce was perfectly balanced. Sissy’s cooks the chicken in a pressure cooker, which is sort of sacrilegious to the traditional down South cast iron pan frying. But shut-the-church-down, this buttermilk chicken was plump and juicy. We called it Plump & Juicy. #2Chainz

Better than sex chocolate cake

Better Then Sex Chocolate Chocolate Cake….ummmmm, Don’t think so. I dunno who you’ve been “cookin’ in the kitchen with”, but this cake is second base at the most. It was good, it was rich, it was moist, but better than sex? Nope.

Trust us, we will be coming back to Sissy’s. We loved it. Shoot, maybe even show her a trick or two in the “kitchen”….

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