Dinner: Taco Bell

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So everyone knows by now that I have a love of all things fast food. So you can imagine how hyped I was last year when I heard that Taco Bell was introducing a taco with a shell made of Doritos. When I finally tried it I was severely disappointed. I wanted to like it sooooo much. So anyway a couple of weeks ago, Taco bell launched a Cool Ranch version of the shell and I decided it was time to give it another try.

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So when I wrote the review on the nacho cheese Doritos taco I pretty much decided there was no other way to eat these thing than buzzed. So what did I do? Gave ZERO fucks and decided that I was going to get drunk inside a taco bell and eat these things the right way COMPLEXLY DRUNK.

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Not many people know this but you can bring beers into Taco Bells. You just gotta be extra charming, find the perfect location, and make sure the right amount of ratchet employees work there.  My drinks of choice; Corona Familiar 32oz, a Modelo Especial 24oz, and a buuuuunch of Tequila shots before hand. I was trying to keep a Messican theme going, you dig.

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Ok onto the “review” of these bad boys. first off, they are WAY better than the nacho cheese flavor. But when you think about it, ins’t that like saying Miley Cyrus is a better singer than Rebecca Black? At the end of day they are both garbage. Taste wise you can definitely taste that zest of the Cool Ranch. It actually paired really well with the Beers. I added a own squirt of lime for some add punch. It worked. I’m not really sure what my beef is with the Nacho Cheese Flavor, but it still tasted gross to me. kinda like a dusty stale chip. ewww.

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By my 4th taco I was feeling REALLY REALLY GOOD and decided that the normal Taco Bell menu wasn’t cutting it and I decided that I could do better. So I got Berrnie Mac’s sister to make me a custom taco supreme using EVERY SHELL Taco Bell has to offer.

BIG shout out to my boo’s over at the Taco Bell that let me get drunk and allow me to order this thing.

Ya’ll some good people.



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