Done Right: Bacon Milk Shake

Done Right - Bacon Milk Shake - The Glut Life

So as everyone knows by now, Jack In The Box has launched a new ad campaign called “Marry Bacon” with a random mess of “limited edition” bacon inspired menu items. Jack’s Pièce De Résistance of these items is his Bacon Shake… Naturally I had to try it. I’m not going lie it was PURE GARBAGE. Imagine the cheapest of the cheap bacon bits (the ones with that reddish pink hue to them) blended in with hy-top vanilla ice cream, then finished off with some whip cream and a maraschino cherry. Yummy, right?

After tasting that nightmare, I made it my soul mission to create a REAL bacon shake.

Bacon Milk Shake Ingredients - The Glut Life
First off lets talk ingredients. This part is SUPER simple, but it’s also one of the most important. There are only six ingredients to this thing so no excuses, man up and get the real stuff, playa’. No short cuts!

  • Thick Cut Maple Bacon (4 slices)
  • Real Maple Syrup (1/8 cup)
  • Sea Salt (pinch)
  • Brown Sugar (enough to get the job done)
  • Whole Milk (1/2 cup)
  • French Vanilla Ice Cream (lots)

Candied Bacon - The Glut Life
Lay the bacon out evenly on a baking rack. Then set the rack in a cookie sheet, but  make sure before you do that, you layer the bottom with aluminum foil. Gotta have some way to catch all that lovely bacon grease. Before you put them in the oven, sprinkle some brown sugar on the top of the bacon, then pop dem’hoes in till they extra crispy.

Diced Bacon Bits - The Glut Life

When the bacon is done cooking, let it cool for a little, then take a strip (or two) and chop it up into lil’pieces. Using a kitchen spoon, scoop up some left over bacon grease and set it aside.

Adding Bacon Grease To Milk Shake - The Glut Life

Now here’s where things get crazy…  You are going to want to dump the ice cream, milk, maple syrup, sea salt, bacon bits, and yes, the ENTIRE spoon full of bacon grease into the blender. TRUST ME. The Bacon grease is key.

Brown Sugar Rimmed Glass - The Glut Life

While that is all blending up to perfection, Take your glass and rim it with the left over brown sugar.

The Bacon Milk Shake - The Glut Life

Then pour the shake in your sugar rimmed glasses and garnish with a stick of that candied bacon.

Now ENJOY! and oh yeah, go ahead and make an appointment with a cardiologist.


  1. Soyrizo

    Looks unreal and kinda wish it was.. Cause now I’m inspired to improv a vegan version come this summer whenever.. Google is gonna have to search deep into the internet to find me a substitute for the bacon grease, haha.

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