Done Right: Delmonico Rib-Eye

Delmonico Rib-Eye Done Right - The Glut Life

Is there even a grilling season in Texas? Is there ever a week I don’t want to light up my Big Boy grill? When the “itch” comes, I start lickin’ my lip like L.L. Cool J eating peanut butter. So I headed to my butcher for my favorite cut. If your butcher scratches his head when you mention “Delmonico”, on to the next one.

Delmonico Rib-Eye Raw - The Glut Life

It’s all in the preparation of the cut when it comes to a Delmonico rib-eye steak. Your butcher will tie two rib-eye cuts together with twine giving it a more marbled appearance. When selecting my cut, I always look for a third muscle. This extra muscle in the cut is the least used muscle on the cow. Lazy ass cows make for tender/melt in your mouth eatin’.

Three Seeded Ficelle - The Glut Life

Unlike the 25 billion apps Apple wants downloaded but people never use, all my apps are cherished. A Ritz cracker wouldn’t do the Spanish Feta dip from Full Quiver Farms any justice. So I opted to go with a three seeded ficelle which was fancier, much thinner, and denser than a baguette.

Rib-Eye on the grill - The Glut Life

The “sizzle” sound meat makes when it hits the grill just might be better than the eBay “cha ching” sound on my iPhone. When cooking a steak medium rare, the outside should be firm and slightly charred, and the inside soft on the touch. Grilled asparagus is one of my favorites. Nothing crazy here, just toss in olive oil and sprinkle sea salt. When baby portabellas are grilling, they release a lot of moisture. So I watched them carefully, because I got plans for them later.

Stuffed mushroom caps - The Glut Life

After pulling the baby portabellas from the grill, it’s time to stuff them. I picked up this easy recipe from my local mozzarella maker. All it involves is taking a fresh hand-pulled bocconcini mozzarella in marinade, placing it into the grilled mushroom cap, drizzle the marinade (olive oil, red pepper flakes, and parsley) over it all, and throw it into the broiler until the cheese is just slightly melted.

Spanish Monastrell and Tempranillo blend

I’ve always been fond of a lady in lace, so it goes without saying when a see a bottle of wine that sports the same look, I had to pick it up. It just so happens that this Spanish blend of Monastrell and Tempranillo was a perfect pairing for the meal ahead. It’s deep plum and cherry notes were balanced with a woodsy finish.

Le Papillon Roquefort and White truffle butter - The Glut Life

Plating starts but the steaks need to go from great to outstanding. Raiding my fridge, I found the stuff that would make taste buds euphoric. White truffle butter and Le Papillon Roquefort. This is what you get when Venus and Jupiter align.

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