Done Right: Mojitos

How to make a Mojito

Awwwwyeah, being that today is 420 and all, I put together a VERY green post, on one of my all time favorite drinks…Mojitos. This is also a love hate relationship. You see, all these herb bartenders in Dallas make these thing so sweet you can get a cavity just by looking at one. That’s why the only way I can drink them now, is by making them myself. So check out how I make this bombass drink.

I’m going to break this down step by step so there’s no way you can mess it up.

Squeeze those limes! I use one of those lime squeezing things cause I’m just fancy like that. 3 whole limes into a big boy Mason jar should do it. Which by the way is the only vehicle you should ever drink any sort of summer time drink out of.

Squeezing limes for a Mojito

The MINT. I along with all other white people LOVE mint so I use a LOT. I think this was like 10 leaves or something. Break those leaves up to release all that minty flavor and throw it into the lime juice.

breaking mint up for Mojitos

Mushing the leaves. All you need for this is some sort of masher. I used a glass drink stirrer (I had flashes of this thing breaking and slicing right up my arm. So yeah, don’t use one of these), but use whatever you can find. It’s not rocket science, just muddle that mint!

muddling mint for Mojitos

Simple Syrup. It called simple for a reason… it’s equal parts water to sugar. But for the fedora wearing bartenders this is the part where the drink goes down hill. I only use a splash. They use a TON. I guess it’s different strokes for different folks (except I know my way is the bestest).

Simple Syrup for Mojito

Ok the best part of the drink, RUM. I like to use the dark spiced rum. It’s got moar flavor. On the amount tip, use as much(or little) as you’d like. I’m a alcoholic, so I use a bunnnch. If I could make this drink in the rum bottle I would. YOLO.

Dark rum for Mojito

Ok this what sets my Mojito apart from the others, Ginger Ale. I love all things ginger, Ginger snaps, Ginger candies, Ginger beer, and especially Ginger from the Island.

Ginger Ale Mojito

Ok now go enjoy the best Mojito you’ll ever have. Oh and this unflattering picture below is a disclaimer. Please Glut Fam, know your limits when drinking Mojitos out of bigboy Mason jars…I apparently still don’t.

The Glutlife Mojitos


  1. Ginger

    I’m a redhead named Ginger and this is my favorite drink EVER! One thing I do differently is muddle a few slivers of fresh ginger in with the mint and garnish the drink with a sprig of mint and a few fresh ginger shavings. You’ve got to love a drink that has fresh mint (which is an herb…hence qualifies as salad), limes (fruit, also vitamin C to stave off that pesky scurvy), rum (an antibiotic as is all alcohol) and ginger, which cures seasickness and nausea. Seriously, this is health food!!!

  2. Salster

    Had the best ever Mojito recently, it was called a dark spiced Mojito. Contained dark spice rum (Cpt. Morgan), splash of dark Ale, mint leaves, ginger ale, ice, & mint leaves. Garnish with sliver of candied ginger. Yummy, best ever!

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