Done Right: Pot Roast

Pot Roast Done right - The Glut Life
Ain’t no denying it, this weekend’s weather is shitty. Losing an hour cause of daylight saving time is also shitty. I definitely needed to throw down on some comfort food to calm my nerves. Slow braising always does the trick, you don’t even have to ask my family, cause it’s just something they know…they know, they know, they know.

Boneless Chuck Roast - The Glut Life
A boneless chuck roast weighing about 3 lbs is eye-candy. Warning, this dish takes time. Prep is really nothing, but waiting for the fibers of the meat to break down to get to that tender, succu”lent” state is a bitch.

Cornucopia of Root Vegetables and Herbs - The Glut Life
This cornucopia of root veggies and herbs is the backbone of this dish. Fresh thyme, rosemary, and bay leafs add aromatics to the pot. Fingering, red, and white potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms add heartiness to the pot. I never had a turnip, but fuck it, it’s getting roasted too.

Stuffed Garlic Cloves in Boneless Chuck Roast - The Glut Life
Pro tip: cut slits in the slab and stuff garlic cloves in it. Season with sea salt and cracked pepper. Sear the meat on both sides to lock in the goodness and to caramelize the cloves before throwing it into the Dutch oven on 330 degrees.  This gives your meat a head start like slow kid in an “accelerated” learning class. Park your slab in the Dutch oven and cover it with beef broth.

Braising Pot Roast - The Glut Life
After the chuck roast has been braising for 4 hours, it’s time to throw all the veggies into the mix except the mushrooms. Tomato paste helps the pot along. Cook for another hour. I hate soggy mushrooms, so I throw those in during the last 30 minutes. Shit, by this point I almost most to say, “fuck the vegetables, I’m ready to eat!”

Pot Roast Finished - The Glut Life
The first time when pulling out your creation from the oven, opening up that cast iron lid, and all the aromatics of the pot hit your face, you just want to dive in with your spoon. But wait, the sauce isn’t thick enough. Whisk together some flour and water to thicken it. Remove all the fixin’ first before blend Then let it cool down for 15 minutes.

Brooklyn Local 1 - The Glut Life
Brew time. This is a hearty man’s meal, so Brooklyn Local 1 was my pick. This Belgium style brew according to Brooklyn Brewery,  “use the old technique of 100% bottle re-fermentation, a practice now rare even in Europe. It gives this beer a palate of unusual depth.” When I walk into a place and see this is being served, I know I’m in the right place.

Pot Roast - Glut Life
Time to show this gloomy/cold weather whose da’ BOSS! Warm, hearty comfort food with a barley malt and hops brew would put anyone in a state of coziness. Can’t forget a French washed rind cheese and French country bread on the side. Might as well unbuckle the pants, throw on some house shoes and veg out on the couch catching up on episodes of Breaking Bad.

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