Done Right: Reubens and Pastrami

New York Deli Reuben Pastrami Sandwich The Glut life
Now that the NY Giants are the NFL Super Bowl XLVI champions, it’s the perfect time to pay homage to the Rotten Apple’s most famous sandwiches.  Oh how I long for a corned beef or pastrami sandwich from Carnegie Delicatessen. But outside of 7th Ave and 55th, you just can’t get a decent anything between some rye bread. Somewhere outside the boroughs, Russian dressing turned to Thousand Island dressing (this ain’t no salad), Swiss cheese became melted (this ain’t nachos), and ryes got pressed (this ain’t a Panini). Many Dallas sandwich shops commit this heresy claiming to have an authentic NY style sandwich. Hold’up, hold’up, hold’up, you want it done right, do it yourself.

Rye Bread The Glut Life
Starts off with a fresh out the oven Russian rye. No marbled rye, swirls hurt my eyes. Hold that loaf close to you like a baby, no one is gonna touch it but you. Hand cut thick center cuts, and yes I’m still talking about the loaf.

New York Pastrami The Glut Life
Carnegie Deli meats, need I say more? I scored couple of slabs that would make Paul Wall jealous. Putting my knife skills to the test I started hand slicing the pastrami and corned beef with the precision of a deli slicer.

Corn Beef Sauerkraut The Glut Life
Time to prep the heart of the sandwiches. Steam; do not boil the meats also adding some Warsteiner Premium Verum to the pot giving an extra dimension. Heat the Sabrett Sauerkraut in a pot, fuck it, and splash some Warsteiner in that as well.

Russian Dressing Swiss Cheese The Glut Life
Swiss Emmental, the real deal from a 200 lb.+ wheel. Authentic Russian dressing wasn’t too hard to make, ketchup, cerley seed, Worcestershire sauce, some other stuff in it and I am already closer to Midtown than any of these local sandwich shops.

New York Deli Pastrami Sandwich The Glut life
To build the Reuben, slather the Russian dressing on the bottom slice of Russian rye. Start stackin’ meat till the perfect height, the corned beef will start to teeter but don’t be scared. Slap a couple of slices of Emmental and you’re almost there. Kraut time. Pile on that fermented cabbage while still steaming. Close up shop with the final slice of rye.
To build the pastrami on rye, it is quite simple. Rye, pastrami, sautéed onions, and rye. No spreads, no presses, no worries. Just serve with Sabrett Spicy Brown Mustard on the side.



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