Done Right: Scotch and Cigar

18 year old Scotch and Cigar

Time to get my “Don Draper” on! Jet black hair parted as if Noah was leading a mass exodus to the back of my head. Scotch on deck, fine Cuban cigar lit and dapper set on TEN. Mad Men season finale has me hyped to advertise to shit out of this post, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising Agency style.

Buchanan's Special Reserve 18 year old scotch

This is the MOTTO: If it aint’t at least 18 years, I ain’t touchin’ it. Sip don’t shoot. Nip don’t chug. Taste don’t gulp. Buchanan’s Special Reserve 18 year old scotch has full rich flavors that are followed by a full bodied palate and a rich smooth finish. Pinkys up.

Whiskey Stones

Time to step your single malt game up. Water secreted for ice ruins a top shelf scotch and make the drink too cold. These Teroforma Whiskey Stones are a perfect marriage of cold to Scotch. From soapstone quarries in Vermont, these cubes chill your scotch to the perfect temp and does not dilute it.

lighting a cigar

Clean cut the head of the cigar like a Rabi with a vengeance. You want the cut to be crisp and have no loose tobacco when putting the stogie into your mouth cause it would ruin your experience. ALWAYS use premium wood matches when lighting up. No cardboard Motel Super 69 match books here. Preheat the foot (ash end) by rolling the cigar, letting the flame softly caressing the tobacco.

La Gloria Cuban cigar

Once lit, gently draw in the smoke. You don’t want to draw hard or too often cause it will heat the tobacco too much and leave a bad taste. La Gloria Cubana cigars is my personal favs. Any cigar aficionado will tell you that it’s richer, full-bodied smoke would elevate anyone’s status to “G”.

Don Draper Madmen Dallas Glut Life

Don Draper said, “They say as soon as you have to cut down on your drinking, you have a drinking problem.” I say, “Sweet cheeks, shake that tail on over with another round.”


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