Done Right: Trap Champagne

Done Right: Trap Champagne

I always had a fascination with hood drinks. From walking down alleys on E. Grand Ave. as a kid, finding empty 40 oz. bottles and chunkin’ them at walls, to ordering my first Incredible Hulk at Club Blue, CRUNK juices sets the pace for any night out. It’s time to give back to the hood what I so excessively guzzled away. Trap Champagne a.k.a. T-Pain, is a celebratory drink for all of life’s STRUGGLES.

Done Right: Trap Champagne

Kool-aid simple syrup should be at hands reach at errry bar.  I mean could you imagine your childhood fav flavor enhancing cocktails. Tongues telling no lies; grape, cherry, lemon-lime, orange.

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup sugar

3/4 a packet of Kool-Aid Cherry

In a small pot, boil the water then add slowly add the sugar while whisking. Turn off the heat and continue to stir until the sugar dissolves. Then add the Kool-Aid and stir until dissolved. Set aside to cool.

Done Right: Trap Champagne

Kosher Dill pickles for a un-Kosher practice. These spears bring this drink the prefect amount of sourness, saving it from being called a “fruity drink”. Cut into 1/4 in. pieces so they can continue their journey as a TRAP STAR.

Done Right: Trap Champagne

It’s time to get trappy mane. With the remaining Kool-Aid, portion the powder so that it can be rolled with the pickle slices.

Amex Black cards = cocaine. Public library cards = Kool-Aid. Gotta’ craw before you baaaalllll


Time to dust your pickle. As soon as it hits the dry powder, it will transform to vivid red like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. I suggest that once rolled, you should let it rest so that the powder can work it’s magic through the spear. You might of seen something like this where full-sour pickle are brined in a Kool-Aid bath. Thank you M.I.crooked letter crooked letter I. crooked letter crooked letter I. hump-back hump-back I


Tell-tale signs of an addict. Beware of the effects of a heavy user. Your finger tips will be stained the color of the Kool-Aid, sooooo better use some protection.


Dom Perignon, your vintage is never too old to try something new! Pour chilled bubblies into a chilled champagne flute. Add 1/4 oz of pickle juice then 1/2 oz of Kool-Aid simple syrup. Watch how the sizzurp transforms this drank. Are you fiending now?


Finish off the glass with a chunk of Kool-Aid pickle as a garnish. At first sip, the champagne brut comes through then you are slowly introduced to the brininess, but not too sour, of pickle juice. At last, a sweet sour send off of cherry Kool-Aid as you finish off the glass.

So let’s all raise a glass to the ass-holes, let’s all toast to Poppin’ bottle, put supermodels in cabs, and let’s all agree that ‘May all our pain be champagne’. Jeezey and Gucci Mane, ya’ll squash the beef and pour it up over some Trap Champagne.


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    • Sachary

      It was very much real. We opened a couple of bottles of Dom for a party and had some left over. It was going to go bad so we decided to make the Champagne gods cry and mix it with pickle juice and kool-aid. :)

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