Fourth Of July: Tailgating

BBQ and Fireworks

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know we are late on this one, but hey we love America so much that we don’t care that it’s late. In fact laziness pretty much sums up America now. Anywho, this past fourth we linked up with our homies The Kobe Beef, and set out to celebrate Merica’ right. Drinkin’, Eatin’, and a whole lotta Tailgaten’. So let’s get right to it, and check out how we roll. Also we cook on the smallest grill known to man.

50/50 bacon burgers 4th of july

First thing to hit the grill was our, FiftyFifty burgers. Ya’ know, 50% Ground Beef + 50% Ground Bacon = 100% Glut.  They came out legit. Only thing missing was moar bacons, cause why not, right? After all this is American where you have the freedom to get as fat as you want and no one can stop you. I know y’all see that cheese DRIP. You hungry.

Pot of roasted corn, black beans, onion and cilantro

Onto the main course, and this one isa doozy. We roasted seasoned corn, partook in some hood activities by using the coal starter as a burner to heat the black beans, chopped up onion and cilantro. Then we mixed all that greatness up. If only they made a cologne that smelled like this… Dreams :-/

Seasoned shrimps on the grill on 4th of july

Then it was time to throw our skrimps on the barbie, also our bell peppers aka the food bowls. there’s nothing that will make me smile more than an edible bowl. Especially a grilled food bowl. GrillLife.

grilled shrimp stuffed bell peppers

Stuffed bell peppers at a tailgate? That’s just how we roll. Presentation is eurythang’. This one is for you, Freedom.

Sparklers in shrimp stuffed peppers - Fourth of July

So yeah, America we <3 You.  I mean where else can I buy a Baconator, Double Down, and McGangBang. Eat them all in the same night and be perfectly ok with it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLUT AMERICA!


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