Glut Does NYC – ACME Fish Co.

ACME Smoked Fish Co - Bagel and Lox
So as you guys have probably noticed if I’m not in Dallas you can usually find me in Brooklyn. And every time time I’m up there you can usually find me Friday mornings lurking around the ACME Smoked Fish Co. warehouse in Greenpoint, for some of the best smoked fish in the city.

ACME Smoked Fish Company Brooklyn NY

Every Friday from 8am – 1pm, ACME opens it’s warehouse to the public for some of the freshest salmon, whitefish, salads, sable, trout, bluefish, mackerel, salmon jerky, and herring in the entire city. You’re best bet is to come early cause this stuff goes QUICK. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, cause I usually stay pretty trunt when I’m visiting. But trust me COME EARLY.

ACME Smoked Fish Co. Friday's Retail Outlet

Pretty much its as you expect on the inside… a warehouse full of fish. Unlike the other fish markets, this one is special because its a smoked fish warehouse. So instead of that funky fish ass smell you get from the other markets you get the lovely smell of smokey awesomeness.  Oh also, here’s a pro-tip: Make sure to make cool with the butchers, they will hook it up when its time to pay. Speaking about paying, they only except cash here. So better bring some of that paper.

Smoked White Fish - ACME Smoked Fish Co.

These are whole smoke white fish and they are fuuuuucking delicious. If you’ve never had one go find them right now and EAT THE WHOLE THING.

Nova Lox - ACME Smoked Fish Co.

This is a pile of some of the BEST Nova lox you can get in NYC. I know a lot of people will tell you that Russ and Daughters is the #1 place to get your lox fix but, NOPE. AMCE is the spot for the real lox heads out there. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Russ and Daughters, but ACME has the lox game on lock. This stuff will melt in your mouth. Seriously.

Peter Pan Bakery Greenpoint Brooklyn

On the walk back from the warehouse you gotta hit up Peter Pan. This is THE place in Greenpoint for donuts, pastries, and most importantly some of the best bagels in Brooklyn. Purist will tell you to go with plain bagels but c’mon, I’m from flavor city so I got the everything bagels.

Smoked Salmon and Bagels

When you’re doing lox and bagels freshness is key. You gotta get the right stuff:

  • fresh cream cheese (if you can find it. makes a hell of a difference)
  • thin sliced red onion
  • sliced tomato
  • sliced cucumber
  • capers
  • lemon wedges

Now assembly is up to you. I would like to think that no one could screw up this part up so here, take mine as an example on how to stack up this beast.

Lox and Bagels

Ugh, now I’m hungry. Looking up flights back to NYC now. Peace.

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