Glut Does NYC: Brooklyn Pizza Party

While everyone was freaking out about the “Frankenstorm” hurricane Sandy, buying up bottle water, candles, matches, can foods, and life essentials. We went shopping for My kind of life essentials, PIZZA MAKING SUPPLIES! Cause you know, I’m from Texas and there’s no way I’m going to let a little rain and wind ruin my vacay.

Before I start talking about how awesome this dough was, my homegirl who made it all from scratch made it clear she didn’t want me ut to give out her recipe. It was an heirloom  passed down from the old country. Which was SHAME cause this stuff was KILLER. Why  you gotta be like that Joe? :-/
::SIDENOTE:: While I lived in NYC I would help out the uber awesome Jim Sullivan, who told me the reason why nyc pizza is so good was because of the tap water used to make the dough. Don’t know if that was just BS or not, but I guess it does make some sense. Anyway back to business.

Ok onto my favorite part about a pizza, THE MEAT. So all the meaty goodies were bought in Brooklyn at The Meat Hook, which by the way is my new favorite place to shop. Soooo wish I would of brought my camera there. Pictured above was their Face Bacon… HEAVEN.

Next up was the famous Meat Hook Dog (which was like eating a hotdog made out of bacon, drool…) and the their classy House Italian Pork Sausage. Both were amazing, but my God, that bacon hotdog took things to the next level.

I’ve always known cooking in a cast iron pan makes things taste like magic, but I never thought about cooking pizza in one EDIT: forgot all about deep dish pizza >_<

Yaaaay, Finished. Face Bacon Pizza, CHECK. House Italian Pork Sausage with fresh basil, CHECK. and best of all Bacon Hotdog pizza, double CHECK.

Zywiec beer is the shhhizzle. The neighborhood I’m staying in Brooklyn is called Green point and if you guys aren’t familiar, it’s pretty much like stepping into Poland except with a ton of hipsters. Zywiec is the number one premium beer of Poland. And how do you know this, you ask? Easy, the packaging on the bottle told me so. Anyone have any idea where I can get these in TX?


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