Glut Does NYC: DuMont

LAST NIGHT IN NYC! So what better way to end the trip than DuMont in Brooklyn. The first time I went to DuMont was in 2011, and the experience was awesome. I swear I remember the burger being one of the best I’ve ever had – Beef Juicy, Bacon Crunchy, Cheese Cheesy, it was like burger ambrosia. This time around… Not so much. So what went wrong? Keep reading cause its time we had a good rant.

So I started with cheese plate which was actually pretty decent. They were a lil’ stingy on the quince paste and gave waaaaay too much bread, but other than that it was pretty solid. It came with your standard barn yard hat-trick of three different types cheeses, each made from a different type of milk. A wedge of 3 month manchego (sheep), some fresh chevre (goat), and by far my personal fav, Pierre Robert (cow). Love me some triple-crèmes.

Okay so lets start this thing . I had anticipated dining at DuMont  the entire time I was visiting in BK to relive my Burgasm of 2011. I ordered EXACTLY what I had my first time (I don’t fix things that aren’t broke), The standard DuMont Burger with Blue Cheese, Bacon, and all the fixins. Oh and ‘xtra pickles, gotta have my pickles. While waiting for my order, flashbacks of biting into that burger with all it’s beautiful meat juices mixing with the tang from the blue and the crunchy saltiness of the bacon raced through my head. I NEEDED MY FIX. When server dropped off what I had been waiting to eat all year, I knew something was DEFINITELY wrong.

Just by looking at it made me emo. The burger looked like it had been hit with a shrink-ray and the “thick cut apple wood smoked bacon” had been replace by some of the shittiest paper-thin knockoff brand bacon i had ever seen. It was truly heart breaking. That’s not even the worst part. Biting into this burger hockey puck was horrible. It had been horribly over cooked. Totally unacceptable for a $20 burger.

This downgrade of product  is a prime example of how some restaurants hit their self-destruct button as soon as they open. Here is a super simple break down on how these type of places crash and burn within a year:

  1. Open up shop. intentions are to become the new “it” place.
  2. Produce quality food for a couple of months. Get ok write ups.
  3. Decide they are the shit and invincible. Open another location/concept.
  4. Forget all about quality and worry more about the $$$
  5. Not Profit. Die.

And that’s soooo ok with me. Good riddance. Because from the get go their intentions weren’t on the food but more on the fame and the “it” factor. Anyway, I’m getting off topic, so imma sum it up by saying, “Dear DuMont I really thought you were better than that, please get your stuff together or you will die within 6months.” Bet.

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