Glut Does NYC: Krolewskie Jadlo

Staying in Greenpoint wouldn’t be complete without a legit Polish meal. Now I don’t know about you, but before this dinner I thought the Polish diet only consisted of sausage, cabbage, and lots and lots of vodka. My Brooklyn hostesses wanted to break my stereotyping brain, so they took me to Krolewskie Jadlo aka “The Kings Feast” for something called the Meat Boat. My GOD, why didn’t anyone tell me the Poles know how to get down like this. This stuff was REDIC.

We started the dinner with Ukrainian Borscht (beet soup) White Borscht, and butter drenched mashed potatoes with bacon. The Ukrainian borscht was ight,  but the White Borscht took things to a whole other level.

The best way to describe white borscht is hotdog soup. I know that may sound a little gross but TRUST it was wildly tasty.  It had slices of polish sausage and  yeah…Whole. Boiled. Eggs. floating around in it. This stuff was insane. The soup was too Good. I need this again, STAT.

Any country that considers mash potatoes as an app is cool with me. Add bacon into the mix and you got me loving you, Poland.

These things are called Pierogies aka potato dumplings and are AMAZING. They come either fried or streamed…We got both. They were stuffed with a mix of sauerkraut, ground meat, and mushrooms aka Polish crack.

This hot mess of a plate was just that…A Hot Mess. Three piles of shredded, sour, vinegary veggies. Carrots,  Beets, and sauerkraut. Everything was good, but I need my MEAT.

Ok, onto the real reason I came here. THE MEAT BOAT. Now before you start fapping to this meat porn, this what you’re looking at: Sausage, Blood Sausage, Bacon, Pierogies, Hunter Stew, Grilled Pork, Grilled Chicken, Chicken and Pork Shish Kebabs.

This thing was no joke. if you are EVER in Greenpoint, find Krolewskie Jadlo and order the KORYTO (Meat Boat). It will make grown men cry. Poland, I’m sorry I judged you. You are now my favorite food country. <3

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