Glut Does NYC: Roberta’s Pizza

Awww Brooklyn, how I’ve missed you so… Got into the city around 10am this morning with only one thing on my mind, PIZZA!  So called up some friends, got a car (L train aintnobodygottimeforthat) and went to the best pizza joint in Brooklyn… Roberta’s.

Roberta’s is awesome, but the hostess and the waitress girls look they need a bath just like the rest of the Williamsburg girls. ATTN: Girls, dudes like a clean female. We suppose to be the dirty ones, aight. Ok time for food. Above is the meat plate, aka my BFF. It comes with a butt-ton of prosciutto, finocchiona, and sopressata. If you’re not familiar with those cuts, Google them NOW.

So one of the best things about Roberta’s is the hot chili olive oil. I seriously DROWNED everything in it. Killed the bottle while I was there. Bringing this stuff back to Dallas.

Onto the main event, so when you go to Roberta’s you have to get the Famous Original for two reasons… 1. It’s Famous and 2. It’s the Original. Topping-wise it’s tomato, mozzarella, cocio-covollo (google it), parmigiana (google it), oregana (google it), and chili flake. BOMB.COM

One of the best things about Roberta’s pizza is the cheese factor. When a pizza does that whole ninja turtle style pizza cheese pull thingy, you know you’ve found a legit spot. So yeah, next time you find yourself in Brooklyn, GO HERE.


  1. Lindsey

    I’m a Williamsburg girl and I bathe regularly, thank you very much. But I agree. Roberta’s is the best. Hands down. But the Bee Stong pizza is where it’s at. Honey on a pizza?! Fucking genius.

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