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The Glut Life Does New Orleans

God, why didn’t anyone ever tell me that New Orleans was so amazing? It seriously reminded me of a mixture of Pinocchio’s Pleasure Island  and the The Foot Clan’s Hide Out in the TMNT movie. I really think I would be dead in less than 3 months if I lived there. Can you OD on partying? I bet I could. Anywho, lets get into the action.

DAY 1:

Surrey's New Orleans

So the first stop off the plane was to get some breakfast. Wait, the first stop was to the drive through daiquiri joint (Yes, you can get drive though booze here (I.LOVE.YOU.NOLA)) then off to breakfast. It being the first time in NOLA, I had to trust the host and she said Surrey’s is the SPOT for some bf.

Surrey's Boudin Sausage

This gorgeous thing was the boudin sausage biscuit and eggs. If breakfast sausage and meatloaf had a baby it would be this boudin. This a good thing. I LOVE IT. The biscuits were handmade too. This is something I would like to see done everywhere.

Surrey's VEGAN Pain-Perdu

This was a little anti-Glutlife but it was still bomb. Check it, VEGAN Pain-Perdu. I swear I would NEVER order this thing, but after one bite I melted. I guess they soak the bread in soy milk but it was suuuuuper crunchy and tasty. This is def a must try if you ever stop here. Oh and its vegan so yeah its 100% healthy.

DAY 2:

Domilise's Po-Boys

So after a VERY long night of New Orleans debauchery, I needed something to soak up all the booze that was still in my system. We headed out to one of the best Po-Boy places in the city, Domilise’s.

Creole Onion Zapp's Chips

ILOVECHIPS and Zapp’s are the bestest. In NOLA they got the exclusive flavors. Check it, Creole Onion. They tasted like Funyuns and were effing delicious. Soooo upset at myself for not bringing back a couple of bags of these. If you’re reading this and have access to these chips, holler at yer boy.

Domilise's Beef and Swiss Po-Boy

Not many people know this but the true authentic New Orleans style of po-boy is the roast beef and swiss and the one at Domilise’s was the shizzle. The roast beef was sliced thin, the french bread was fresh, the cheese was stringy, and the gray was off the chain. I prob destroyed about 50 napkins tackling this beast but it was worth the sloppiness.  You did good Domilise.

Crystal's Hot Sauce

Crystal’s hot sauce reigns supreme in New Orleans and Yep just about killed this entire bottle of it in one sitting. It paired PERFECTLY with the roast beef x swiss. Watch out now Sriracha, Crystal’s coming to get cha’.

Domilise's Shrimp Po-Boy

A trip to Domilise just wouldn’t feel the same with out getting a shrimp po-boy. I almost got iodine poisoning there was so many skrimps on this thing and you could tell the shrimps were SUPER fresh but other than that it tasted pretty much like, yup a shrimp po-boy. Nothing to write home about but still really good.

Domilise's New Orleans

This is what winning looks like.

DAY 3:

New Orleans Superdome

GAMEDAY!! I don’t know about you guys but the New Orleans Saints fans know how to party. The Who’Dat-Nation make Cowboy fans look like a JOKE. Oh and can we talk about the Superdome? This thing was ginormous. Walking up to it reminded me of the space ship from District 9. I can only imagine how it was during Katrina. NIGHTMARES.

Chili Cheese Fries at the Superdome

Want chili cheese fries but the stadium doesn’t sell them? don’t fret,  just order some fries, then go to the nacho booth and order up some chili and cheese, bong.

Superdome Shrimp Po-Boy

YESSS! Love the fact that they sell shrimp po-boys at the stadium. It was actually really good too.

2014 New Orleans Saints Season Opener

Well that’s it.  The NOLA weekend was amazing I know that is one of the most over used words in the the entire world but there’s really not another word that can describe it. I wanna give a HUGE thanks to my host and hostess . They really showed me how to hang in the Big Easy and be apart of the who dat nation.

‘ WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS!!!’ Knock’em out the park #57


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