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Shut Up and Eat Portland

I loooove me some breakfast, but you wanna know what I love more? SANDWICHES. So my first morning in Portland it was a must to do both. This was my first time in PDX so I hit up the interwebs to source some good good. I came across this place called  Shut Up and Eat, which was right close to where I was staying so I decided to check it out. I mean really how could a place specializing in sandwiches suck?

Shut Up and Eat - Char-Grilled Mortadella and egg sandwich

First up was this BEAST of a sandwich, the Char-Grilled Mortadella & Eggs: Scrambled cage free eggs, caramelized onions, char-grilled mortadella, arugula, asiago & provolone served on a house made parm-herb biscuit…Overkill? Maybe. Complaints? ZERO.

Shut Up and Eat - Hash brown

This thing was so weird. They called it a hash brown but man, it was more like a potato biscuit. Not knocking it, it was just really really weird. Taste was on point tho. Me liked.

Shut Up and Eat - Classic Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich

This was the more traditional classic Bacon Egg & Cheese sandwich: bacon, fried egg, spinach & double cheddar on a house made English muffin. What really made this sandwich was the house made English muffin. it was soooo good. Also, the mountain of bacon and the perfectly cooked egg helped out too.

Shut Up and Eat Pdx

Thanks for the sammiches, Shut Up and Eat, Oh and hahahaha thanks for not judging me as I was ordering mimosas and getting drunky at 9am on a Thursday. I’m on vacation. CAN I LIVE!?

Shut Up and Eat Portland

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