Illegal Backyard Pig Roast

Illegal Backyard Pig Roast

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to go to an illegal backyard BBQ in DEEP DEEP Oak Cliff thanks to our friend, Arma of The Sour Grapes. I had never heard of anything like this before, but anything with the words “illegal” and “BBQ”, you know it’s going to be FUN. It was truly EPIC!

Illegal Restaurant

I’m going to start this post off by saying I WISH I would of taken more pictures. You have to see this place to believe it. It was literally a bootleg restaurant ran out of someone’s back yard. I mean they had everything… Drinks, Chips and Salsa, Cashiers, Menus and even a Bus Boy!

El Jefe Pig Roaster

This guy right here is the DUDE. Him and his wife are the brains behind this whole operation. He was super friendly and welcoming, but because of the language barrier I couldn’t ask how he cooked the pig. I just know whatever Mexican wizardry he used, it was done right. The pig was super tender, had mad flavor and basically melted in your mouth.

Tree Stump Butcher Block

His set up was INTENSE, too. He was using a GIANT tree stump as a butcher block and an insane knife that even Jason Voorhees would have been impressed with.

homemade salsa

The “Restaurant” was also tagged teamed by the guys wife. While he held down the pig, she was busy serving up homemade salsa. This stuff was seriously good. Again, not really sure what she put in it, but I’m sure she used some sort of Mexican crema, which set it off! It was so good that I took a huge cup of it home.

homemade carnitas

Check out this food porn. This is the real deal kiddo’s, homemade everything and trust me you can tell the difference. I have never had any carnitas like this before. These tacos will shit on anything you “taco heads” out there have ever tasted before.

homemade chorizo

Tacos and Salsa weren’t the only things on the menu. They were also serving homemade Chorizo, which I heard is nothing like the stuff you buy at the store. They said being homemade, it doesn’t have nearly the amount of that nasty red grease and the flavors are more developed. I’m still kicking myself for not picking any up. I got all caught up with drinking and “talking” with the locals… Fuk’a Rosetta Stone. Wanna speak another language? All you need is alcohol.

I really wish I could tell all you guys where this place is because it’s something everyone should experience, but I told my new buddies that I would keep it on the DL. Wouldn’t want any pesky player haters out there to start snitchin’. Anyway I wanna give another big shout out to Arma for putting me onto this. I can’t wait to hit it up again.
Thanks Homie!!

pig roasting caldron


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