InstaGlut: @aldoskii

instaglut @aldoskii

Say hey folks, it’s time again for the InstaGlut of the week, and boyyyy do we like this one. I have a special place in my heart when it comes to custom fast food stuffs (ex. The JUMBACO) but this is where my love of  started…The aptly named “McGangBang”.

To make this gorgeous creation all you need is $2 and a set of  hands. Head out to your nearest golden arches and order up 1 McChicken and 1 McDouble. Take chicken patty out of the McChicken and stuff it in between the meats of the McDouble. Wa-lah, You have made one of the best tasting $2 sandwiches in the world. You can quote me on that.

Now with that said, this gem comes from our homie @aldoskii. He’s all about the Glut so show him love and follow him back.

Remember TAG your photos with #GlutLife to get featured on the site. Peace!


  1. Sven Wilde

    When I used to get McGangBanged I’d put the whole McChicken in between the McDouble patties, buns included!

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