InstaGlut: @Thuddles

InstaGlut: @thuddles roasted pig for the Glutlife

I wanted to start our new weekly post off proper, and what better to kick this thing off than this whole roasted pig.  I just wanna bite this guys face off. Bath-Salts style.

Anyway here’s the scoop on this beast straight from our Glut bff @Thuddles‘s mouf:

” This beautiful all-natural roasted pig was the work of the Oakland based catering company named s+s gastro grub, who catered my friend’s beautiful wedding this past weekend. The pig was roasted for hours on their famous mobile roaster. It was then served with light salad, roasted corn on the cobs, mac-n-cheese and a variety of sauces to accompany the pieces of pork heaven.”


Till next Friday folks.

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