Lent: Lockhart Smoke House

Lockhart Smoke House Dallas Texas

This past Friday marked the kick off to the first Friday of the Lent season, so I set off see what this whole Lent thing was all about. I’m neither a practicing Christian, nor partaking in the Lent games, but the second I heard that Lockhart’s was going to do a special whole Smoked Red Snapper, I converted on the spot.

Smoked Red Snapper - The Glut Life

First off, I want to give BIG thanks to the dudes at Lockhart for holding us two of the biggest snappers they had. You guys were too good.
Okay now, let’s talk snapper. When I picked up the fish from the counter, the guy made sure to let me know to be extra careful with them because they were super fragile. He wasn’t kidding, literally the meat was falling off all those nasty fish bones. The fish itself was cooked absolutely PERFECT, wasn’t too smokey, and was insanely juicy.

Smoked Red Snapper Destroyed - The Glut Life

Oh and much Props to pitmaster Will for doing his thing. I’m really starting to wonder if this guy is like some kind of a smoke assassin sent back in time to bless us with his knowledge. The dude can do no wrong.
As I was finishing up dinner, I got a chance to talk to some of the other guys behind the counter. They let me know they want to do a different sea food item every Friday during Lent. Just think… Smoked mahi mahi, Scallops, Lobster tail, the list can go forever. Can it just stay Lent all year?

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