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Masa Pizza Echo Park Los Angeles

When my buddies kept telling me we had to check out this place called Masa in Echo Park, I was pretty suspect. But they insisted that the deep dish pizza there was bomb diggity. In my head I was thinking Jesus, I hope this isn’t one of those places that serves that California green vegan soy garbage, that they pass off as pizza. But as soon as I walked in I new this was far far far away from any kind of that nasty hippie “pizza” I was dreading, THANK GOD.

Masa Deep Dish Pizza

Like I said before in the post I did on Roberta’s Pizza in BK. I’m all about that cheese pull action and Masa has that cheese game on lock. What really took this thing to the next level was the giant sausage patty that covered the entire top of the pizza. Insulating all the cheesy, tomatoey, goodness that was locked inside. It was definitely a next level maneuver. Oh and how can I not mention the Crust?! It’s baked fresh daily, and its kinda like the cheery on top of the sundae. Such Delicious, Much Flaky, So Freshness, WOW. And Yup, that’s right you best believe I asked for a side of ranch. Ain’t no shame in my game, playa’.

Masa Deep Dish Pizza Echo Park

Cheesy cheese is gooooooood. Just check out that stretch factor.

Masa Pizza LA

Yup, killed the plate with the quickness. Big props to the homies that put me onto this place. Masa, you did me right.
Till next time LA. ☮ ✌☻

Masa of Ehco Park

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