GlutLife Does LA – Umami Burger

Umami Burger-Los Angeles

We up in La-La Land, bae!
If you have been following the blog, you know I’m definitely an east coast kind of guy. NYC got my heart, yo. While LA has always been fun, its never been someplace where I felt like I had to go. Maybe it was my inner hater, but it’s always seemed so fake too me. From the weather always being perfect, to the people there always smiling. NO ONE IS ALWAYS THAT HAPPY. I’m used to the dark overcast weather of the east, and the grumpy people on the subway. Buuuuuut, This trip was different. This trip had me LOVING you, LA. and it all started with this Umami Burger (and lots and lots of alcohol).

Umami Smushed Potatoes

These were Umami’s “Smushed Potatoes” which were literally golden potatoes that had been smushed then flash fried. They were pretty good but lacked the flavor I was hoping for. Thank god for all the dippin’ sauces they give you at Umami (I can’t remember what all of them were by name but trust. they were all good.) . I think this side was geared as a  “healthy” alternative for fries, lame.  -___-

Umami Fried Pickles

Oh gawd, we ordered the fried pickles thinking we were going to get pickle chips like normal people make but…. NOPE. Instead we got these over battered pickle spears that were super gross. DON’T ORDER THESE. EVER.

Umami Arts District Manly Burger

The sub-par sides quickly got dismissed when our first Umami Burger came out. What you see above should be outlawed. This was called the Arts District Manly Burger because, PORK BELLY!! Can’t get more manly than that. Mark my words, pork belly will be the new bacon. Well it sorta is bacon already, but you know what I mean.

Umami's special truffle seasonal menu

So let me set the record straight, I’ve been over the whole truffle fad for a while now, but since everyone kept raving the Umami’s special truffle seasonal menu, I decided to jump back on the wagon. And I’m glad I did because it was really really solid.

Umami Truffle Fries

The truffle fries were sooooo good made me completely forget about the other sides. They had melted truffle cheese on them which wasn’t the highest quality cheese but dude, they were legit.

Umami Truffled Speciale Burger

GOD, THIS BURGER THO. This was called the Truffled Speciale Burger and it was out of this world. Meat was PERFECT. I know alot of people dont like the loose ground beef burgers but I LOVE them. Makes the burger sooo juicy. What also set it off was the Parmesan crisp and the truffle thyme butter, which kinda wrapped it all together. But the pista resistance had to be that effin fried egg. I mean just look at it! Perfection. BEST BURGER IVE HAD THIS YEAR.

Umami, your burger just might of changed the way I think about the entire city of Los Angeles. Now let’s go get something to drink.

Umami Burger-Los Angeles

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