Lunch: Antoine’s of Dallas

Antoine's of Dallas

I have been going to Antoine’s since I was a little kid, and one of the best things about going here or any other little hole in the wall spot is that they never change, AKA the food is CHEAP. Don’t get me wrong, cheap equals awesome when it comes to Antoine’s of Dallas, cause the husband and wife team here have been Po-Boy wizards for more than 30 years.

Antoine's of Dallas Original Po-Boy Combo

This place is throooowback. I seriously don’t think the place has ever changed. I’ve been coming here for the past 20ish years or so, and have been getting the same po-boy combo every time. I even sit at the same yellow picnic table. I’ve mixed it up here and there but for the most part my go to po-boy has been the Original. The Original comes with imported salami, ham, cheese, pickels, and the most important ingredient of all, the chow-chow sauce. I have no idea whats in Antoine’s chow-chow, but whatever it is, takes this sandwich to the next level.

Cheeto's on Sandwich

When you get the combo make sure to grab a bag of Cheetos’s, cause there’s nothing better than throwin’ some on your sandwich for that crunch factor. But yo Antoine, PLEASE step up your chip game… I mean no flamin’ hots? You gotta be kidding me!

Pastrami Po-Boy

I also grabbed a pastrami po-boy while i was there and to tell you the truth I was kinda disappointed with is one. Trust me you would of been too if the last pastrami sandwich you ate was this one right here. But all in all it was a decent po-boy. only wish the pastrami was hot… Bummer

homemade baklava and dolmas

Antoine’s isn’t just a po-boy shop. The couple that own this joint also have a great little middle eastern market here too. They sells spices and deserts that are killer. GO BUY THE BAKLAVA NOW! Some of the best in the city.

lebanese and American Flags

So screw that Subway $5.00 footlong garbage, these po-boys are LEGIT. Antoine’s only uses imported meats and cheeses, fresh homemade bread, and anyway everything at Subway taste EXACTLY. THE. SAME. Next time you get the itch, do yourself a favor and head out to Antoine’s. BEST PO-BOYS IN DALLAS, hands down.

Antoine's of Dallas Po-Boys

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