Lunch: First Class

What better way to leave the travel headaches of  Hurriacne Sandy than to be shipped back first class to the permanent headache… Reality. For those of you who have never had the chance to step through those curtains on the plane this one is for you. This is really the way to travel and if you have the means I highly suggest it. Welcome to the GoodLife.

I was going to make the first picture in this post of the hot towel they hand out, but decide not to go with it cause it looked truly disgusting, even for Glut Life standards. Soooo I went right to the standard alcohol picture. First Class is truly awesome, where else can you drink as much as you want at 8am and not be judged. I went with a classic gin a tonic and some hot nutz while I watched me some Parks and Rec. WiFi on the airplane, Thank You Based God.

American Airlines Lunch Salad

Onto lunch, I had my choice of fish tacos or a buffalo chicken salad. I went the with salad for two reasons. First off, ewwww American Airlines fish tacos! GROSS. I can’t think of any other food that could of been more disgusting than eating an American Airlines fish taco. Secondly, with the massive amounts of horrible things that I had been putting in my body over the past week a salad was a welcome sight.

But you know I still had to keep it real and get my carbs on. I took that onion roll and did what I do best, made a sandwich. When life hands you carbs, MAKE A SANDWICH…. Worlds to live by.

They offered everyone wine with lunch… I was the only one in first class who took up the offer… 3 times… This was at 11am. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. :-/

Ended the meal with a ever deliciously soft and warm double chocolate chip cookie and watched Moonrise Kingdom. Then went mimis… See you in Dallas. ✌


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