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Off Site Kitchen Dallas Burger Review
There’s about a 6 week period when Dallas is on that Goldilocks type of weather. Not too hot, Not too cold, it’s juuuuust right. For me, during this 6 week gap it’s all about one thing… Gettin’ my PATIO on. So let’s kick off this Goldilocks weather right with one of my new favorite place in the world, Off-Site Kitchen.

Off Site Kitchen OSK Map Dallas

I’m going to start this review by saying, I’ve been to OSK three times in the past week, and each of those three times I have gone with the intent to make a post. It’s just every time I went, I couldn’t help myself and I started eating the burger before I had a chance to take pictures. It was like I would go into some type of burger tunnel vision or something. All I could think of was how amazing this thing was tasting. By far my favorite burger here has to be the “Murph” style. I wish I could tell you what it has on it, but I ordered it with the quickness when I read it had a “Bacon Relish” topping. This thing will melt in your mouth (pause).

Miller High Life Ammo Can

The burgers aren’t the only thing here that’s amazing. Just take a look at that picture up above… I mean seriously, serving 32oz Miller High Life cans in old Military ammo box?!!? Someone pinch me, cause I must be a dreamin’.

Off Site Kitchen Burger Review Dallas Empty

I swear when Nick Badovinus made this place he solely geared it towards me. From the awesome old posters and photos inside, to the amazing patio outside, Everything about this place is GREAT. Oh, and did I mention there’s a GIANT cheese burger in the parking lot!!


Off Site Kitchen Cafe Racer


  1. Shay

    I ate there today for the first time and also chose the “Murph” due to the bacon relish and sliced jalapeno’s mentioned. I got it with no vegetables and it was amazing! Great size for a burger too – not too big and big enough that you don’t feel guilty for eating it all. The fries were amazing as well – very close with Wingstop fries with their magical seasoning that includes sugar. I’ll definitely go back! I just can’t figure out why they’d open this with only maybe 10 seats inside and the rest are outside. The parking lot is tiny as well. Time to expand! I’m also curious if the Bone place (looks like a BBQ joint) across the street is owned by them as well? Another restaurant in the area that’s started by the same group is NHS (Neighbor Hood Services) off of Preston & Royal. A step up in cuisine from OSK burger joint, but also very delicious! There’s a few more blog ideas for you…

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