Lunch: Seafood Shack

The Glut Life Reviews Seafood Shack Dallas

Who doesn’t love having a big o’ plate of shellfish in front of them? That’s right, No One. That’s exactly why I set off to find the best boil in Dallas. One of my friends kept telling me about this place off 635 and Webb Chapel called Seafood Shack that had the best seafood boil she had ever tasted. So I took her word for it and we took a trip up North.

Green salt mararitas

We started it off proper with some margaritas. Usually I don’t order margaritas, especially the ones with GREEN salt on the rim. But again I was just along for the ride. I took her word for it and I’m glad I did cause these things were LEGIT. The Seafood Shack doesn’t play around with the tequila pours and these rita’s aren’t anything like those horrible sugar packed neon green slime things they serve at white people “Mexican” restaurants….*cough* Ojeda’s *cough*

garlic butter

Let me knock out the only gripe I had with the shack, which really isn’t a gripe, it was just a bad on the waitress’s part. She brought out this HUGE plate of shellfish, corns on the cob, and potatoes  with only ONE little cup of garlic butter… “Guuuurl don’t be play’round wif my garlic butta'”. So I had her bring over a couple more cups. The boil itself was actually really really good. They had some kind of red pepper sauce on everything, kinda on some Tony Chachere’s (RiFF RaFF knows whats up) meets Valentina jump off. Twas bomb.

So if any of you seafood heads out there want some of that good good, go check out Seafood Shack. Trust.

Sea food boil aftermath


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