Lunch: Stackhouse Burgers

The Glut Life Reviews Stackhouse Burgers Dallas

East Dallas burger house anyone? And when I say house, I mean it. From the second you lay your eyes on this craftsman house, to the first step on the wrap around porch, Stackhouse has all the archetypal features I come to love about East Dallas homes…and there’s MEAT inside!

Stackhouse Burgers Dallas review

The chalkboard menu at the counter kept it clean and simple. Home style burgers, no fluff. Toppings and add-ons you would have at home, no truffle-infused “yada yada”. Coming to this place you will need to know what you want in a burger. No pre-menu’d burgers here, nothing wrong with that for me. If only those burgers were a buck less after the pile up, I wouldn’t shutter at the final bill though.

Patties turned out hot and juicy. My medium was cooked on point, however the juices overcame the bun. Pity cause the bun was nicely toast, plain though. When ordering, I zoned in on the double. Aromas from the kitchen made me do it. Low point was the $1.50 for one fried egg. Come on, really? But that over-easy was callin’ collect for sheezzy.

Sweet potato fries, Onion Rings, Shoe string fries

Fresh cut like it was barbershop fresh. Potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes were again home-style.  The batter on the onion rings needed something more than just flour and water. Maybe seasoned breadcrumbs? Fries were not limp and soggy. were something I could pass up next time.

Beer selection was typical, no micro stuff here. Plenty outdoor seating, both on the porch and at the top deck over-looking the Downtown skyline. With the simple number system to deliver food, I was worried my food wouldn’t find my belly, but the servers were on it! For all the gold diggin’ ladies out there, you might just find a Baylor doctor that would give you a cardiac arrest.


  1. sabrina

    That dagwood is where its at. I order it with no middle bread, don’t need that shit obstructing the 6 inch stack of meat they pile on that thing. S’good with avocado too.

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