The Glut Life The Meat And Greet BBQ Flyer

UPDATE: Well I guess a date would help… This Saturday, March 31st!!

Sup Glut Family, you guys probably have noticed a little lag in the amount of post this past week.
Don’t fret cause we have been steady working behind the scenes on some pretty epic stuff. Starting off with our first annual MEAT and Greet BBQ. Just think of it as little ‘Thank You’ to all of our new readers. You guys have been the BEST and we want to meet you in person.
We will be roasting a whole pig and a gaggle of other meats. Food (MEAT) and Drinks (beers for the down crowd, sodas for the rest) will be provided for the masses.But feel free to bring your favorite side dishes and drinks too. We wanna see how you throw down for a cookout. The pit opens at 5pm. SEE YOU THERE!!


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