Glut Does NYC: Krolewskie Jadlo

Staying in Greenpoint wouldn’t be complete without a legit Polish meal. Now I don’t know about you, but before this dinner I thought the Polish diet only consisted of sausage, cabbage, and lots and lots of vodka. My Brooklyn hostesses wanted to break my stereotyping brain, so they took me to Krolewskie Jadlo aka “The Kings Feast” for something called the Meat Boat. My GOD, why didn’t anyone tell me the Poles know how to get down like this. This stuff was REDIC.

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Glut Does NYC: Brooklyn Pizza Party

While everyone was freaking out about the “Frankenstorm” hurricane Sandy, buying up bottle water, candles, matches, can foods, and life essentials. We went shopping for My kind of life essentials, PIZZA MAKING SUPPLIES! Cause you know, I’m from Texas and there’s no way I’m going to let a little rain and wind ruin my vacay.

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Brunch: State Fair of Texas

The Glut Life - Turkey Leg and Funnel Cake

TOO early for all this. Being dragged out of bed after a night of endless debauchery to be around the mass of “people” (using the word people VERY loosely)  at the State Fair really ain’t our cup of tea. Hearing everyone and their momma raving about fried this and fried that. Don’t get us wrong, fried is GOOD. But we know we could run circle around what the State Fair can dish out. Time to get creative instead of letting someone create for us.

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Milestone: #GLUTLIFE

The glut life hits 1000 pictures on instagram

A momentous occasion is rapidly approaching (well for us). After only a few months of existence, we are bout to hit the 1000th #GLUTLIFE pic on Instagram !!! Everything from your favorite Hood Snacks, to  stick up your butt fine dining is being tagged. WE LOVE IT! and WE LOVE YOU!

So Glut Fam keep showing what’s on your plate, cause you making us HUUUUUNGRY.

The Glut Life x WAAS Gallery: Focal Piont

 The Glut Life x WAAS Gallery: Focal Piont Flyer

What it do guys, as you can prob tell we have been a little quiet on the bloggin’ front, but as usual when we this quiet we cookin up something. Anyway, we partnered back up with the homies over at the  WAAS Gallery for their 1 year anniversary show. It should be pretty epic. A digital video insulation by Edward Ruiz, an augmented reality insulation by  Eric Trich and a special art insulation by Kris Swenson. Ohhhh yeah, and there’s a special guest performance happening a 10:30. So yeah don’t miss out.

Oh and what bout the Glut? Yes Yes we will be feeding all you lil’folks all night long. and Yes there will be something special for the first 50 people. If you missed out on the BLT Vodka shot last time you’re DEFINITELY not going to miss out on this thing.

Here’s the deets, kiddos:

WHO: The Glut Life x WAAS Gallery: 1 Year Anniversary “Focal Point” .
WHAT: You putting things in your mouth hole, while your eye holes look at the art.
WHERE: The WAAS Gallery,  2722 LOGAN STREET, DALLAS, TX 75215.
WHEN: Saturday |September 22nd 2012 | 7:00p – 11:00p

Snack: Rainbow Sno Cone

Rainbow Sno Cone Dallas

Sandwiched between a junkyard and quite possibly one of the most sketchiest Chinese food joints we have ever seen, Rainbow is pretty much like nothing you would imagine a rainbow to be. Just a 5×10 shack on the far corner of a broken pavement parking lot with as many pinwheels surrounding it as flies surrounding the Chinese ‘restaurant’s’ dumpster. Hard to believe there would be a pot of gold at the end of this Rainbow. The only thing you’re going to find here is the BEST sno cones West Dallas has to offer.

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InstaGlut: @aldoskii

instaglut @aldoskii

Say hey folks, it’s time again for the InstaGlut of the week, and boyyyy do we like this one. I have a special place in my heart when it comes to custom fast food stuffs (ex. The JUMBACO) but this is where my love of  started…The aptly named “McGangBang”.

To make this gorgeous creation all you need is $2 and a set of  hands. Head out to your nearest golden arches and order up 1 McChicken and 1 McDouble. Take chicken patty out of the McChicken and stuff it in between the meats of the McDouble. Wa-lah, You have made one of the best tasting $2 sandwiches in the world. You can quote me on that.

Now with that said, this gem comes from our homie @aldoskii. He’s all about the Glut so show him love and follow him back.

Remember TAG your photos with #GlutLife to get featured on the site. Peace!