Recap: MEAT n Greet BBQ

MEAT n Greet BBQ - The Glut Life

Last Saturday we threw our 1st Annual MEAT n Greet BBQ and it was LIVE! The crowd was an awesome mix of friends and lots of new faces. We hope everyone that came had a BLAST.  Oh and get ready cause we’re already planning our next event.

MEAT n Greet BBQ morning after hangover

These morning after shots pretty much sum of the party. I’m really surprised the cops never came, but then again we were in East Dallas. Everything went smooth as butter.

pig roast carcass

We really want to give some big shout outs to some pretty important people, that without them this thing wouldn’t have happened so smoothly. First off,  we wanna thank our buddy Matt who came out of NO WHERE and saved the day with his butchering skillz. Then a SUPER big one to DJ JoeRich and his crew for handling the music. Also MTaylor for puttin’ on a improv live show. It was on point (well what I can remember of it(pretttty drunk by the time he went on)). Oh and while we were busy playing host and dealing with pig issues we had all of our photo needs covered by Showboaster and the Polaroids by our friend Jesus23   (make sure to hit him up if you want your Polaroid).

And the biggest THANK YOU of all goes to all of the readers that came out! Especially the ones who brought food to share with us. NOM NOM NOM!

Ok Ok Ok, now onto the most important part of the post…. The Pictures!!


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