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Dallas Best BBQ Record's Bar-B-Que Oak Cliff

Being from Texas I love my barbecue… Especially the hidden hood spots, and this is one of the best. South Oak Cliff’s Record’s BBQ has been around as long as I can remember. Think the sign on the door says it was established in like the 1960s? But I wasn’t paying attention, plus numbers are boring. Anyway, this place is on POINT.

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Record's BBQ Dallas Best BBQ
There are a couple of things to know about this place that are amazing, besides the food.

1) It’s incredible cheap… I bought a feast for under $11 bones.

2) The atmosphere… It kinda has the feel of a hood Soup Nazi. You BETTER know what you want before you order. These ladies don’t play around.

3) The “seating”…. I use that word loosely because there basically is none. Just some benches, a couple of foldable chairs, and like two bootleg tables. So don’t plan on eating here. Just come with correct with a near by picnic spot, cause the “tables” here are merely for show. Somehow I managed to grab a couple of seats and snag a few pics.

Dallas Food Blogger Sachary Eats Brakes at Records BBQ
YOU. MUST. TRY. THE. BRAKES. The brakes are the burnt ends of the ribs, but DAMN are they good, and super cheap. I used them as a side… Think of them as meat fries. Sooo sooo good.
Next time you find yourself in south Oak Cliff, and you have the itch for some of the finest BBQ in Dallas hit up Records.

Record's BBQ hood booty Dallas - The Glut Life
NOTE: Best think again if you going to try to get a refund on them brakes, son.



  1. Card Snake

    Records BBQ on Lancaster in Dallas is expensive, their staff is rude, their service is painfully slow even when over staffed and no other customers. The security guard posted in the parking lot is also rude, unprofessional & unapproachable. The sandwich was on plain bread that when finally server had BBQ sauce everywhere except on the meat or inside the sandwich causing it to fall apart as I was unwrapping & getting covered in BBQ sauce.

    Prior to leaving I attempted to get a couple (not a bag full, just a couple) extra napkins that were sitting on the counter by the register because even when correctly made, a BBQ sandwich can require an extra napkin or two. The rude lady at the counter almost slapped my hand and rudely told me there were some napkins in the bag as she snatched the napkin right out of my hand like someone would do to their 3 year that has already been told “NO!”. She acted as if I was filling a backpack to stock my home with stolen napkins from Records BBQ. With a smile and a “Good day” I left only to discovered there was one cheap napkin in the bag. Because the BBQ sauce was intentionally on the exterior as opposed to the interior of the sandwich one napkin was not sufficient. Which I’m sure was why I wasn’t allowed the extra napkin. I guess they showed me huh? I almost hate to think what else they might have done to my food. I choose not to. Yuck! Anyway, The sandwich was not eatable as a sandwich in its current state. Because I was already covered in sticky BBQ sauce & it cost me almost $10, I picked the sloppy mess to get the few cold pieces of meat that was there. Disregarding the mess on my hands, cloths and interior of my car. I wasn’t & didn’t allow their hate to infect my “Good day” however. I’m sure they can and do provide great BBQ & friendly service but because every person on that property is racist they “in your face” their dislike, prejudice & the fact your not welcome there. Making it clear to me they don’t want return business or any business from a cracker.. If you want BBQ in that area your better off going down the street a couple blocks. There is a BBQ place on same side of street that doesn’t see the color of your skin just the color of your wallet. Tip a couple bucks when you order and they will clear the checkout line, start your order immediately, get you a bag full of napkins and open the door for you on your way out! All with a very friendly smile on their face.

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