Snack: La Original Michoacana Ice Cream Shop

La Original Michoacana Ice Cream Shop Dallas

Summer time is about to be in full swing here in the D, and what better way to cope with this African heat then ICECREAM. We hit up La Original Michoacana Ice Cream Shop, one of our favorite little hidden gems the other day to see what was good for Summer 2012 and get ice cream wasted.

What sets this place apart any other wanna be “ice cream” shop is our buddy/ice cream mad man, Elio Aguilar. All of his ice cream is mixed by hand, uses all natural ingredients, fresh fruits, and are all original recipes. He does this all day everyday. This guy is super passionate, and is always coming up with the wildest ideas for flavors.


Before we kicked off our ice cream party, I wanted to start with one of my personal favorites, The Mangonata. I love the look of this thing. It looks like something right off the streets of Mexico. It’s taste is pretty out there too, but I love it. First they chop up fresh mango and put it in a plastic cup, add a popsicle stick, and it freeze. Then They drench the thing in valentina sauce, squeeze fresh lime on top, and finish it with a dash of chili powder. YOU GOTTA TRY IT!

Queso ice cream and Avocado ice cream

Then we moved to the real deal, the homemade ice cream. Elio hooked it up with some of his newest flavors for the season, but we started off an old favorite. A waffle cone with a scoop of his Queso ice cream. Yes, Queso. And no this isn’t some lame cheesecake flavor. This thing is made with actual cheese. It has more of a salty taste, but it works perfectly. Then we topped it with a scoop of Avocado. Avocado ice cream has to be the creamiest, richest thing in the world. Sooo Good.

Cornbread ice cream

Ok now on to the new new stuff. First off Elio showed us his newest ice cream flavor, CORNBREAD!! I was like okaaaaay? He promised it would be good, and I trust this dude 100% when it comes to ice cream. The taste was really different, but different in an amazing way. It was sweet, but it was also pretty savory. Think cornbread muffins. Oh and yes, those are real sweet corn kernels inside the ice cream. Genius.

Pine nut ice cream

Next up was another new flavor, PINE NUT! I was really suspicious about this one. I mean I could kinda wrap my head around the cornbread flavor, but with pine nut? really? But hey YOLO, right. It tasted surprising sweet. It definitely had that familiar pine nut flavor, but with a little hint of sweetness. It was definitely another winner.


  1. Luigi

    Great Blog! Can’t wait to try the Aguacate and Queso fresco sounds like a realy good combination.

  2. JoshWAH__

    brochaho! I went there on saturday, I read about it on your b-l-o-g on friday. it was super dope. i got the cornbread, queso fresco, and a mango one with some kind of hot sauce. Im not hispanic I dont remember the name. Either way they were ALL legit. i sampled the avocado but it was just too weird for me. Hope to meet you in the screets!

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