Snack: Rainbow Sno Cone

Rainbow Sno Cone Dallas

Sandwiched between a junkyard and quite possibly one of the most sketchiest Chinese food joints we have ever seen, Rainbow is pretty much like nothing you would imagine a rainbow to be. Just a 5×10 shack on the far corner of a broken pavement parking lot with as many pinwheels surrounding it as flies surrounding the Chinese ‘restaurant’s’ dumpster. Hard to believe there would be a pot of gold at the end of this Rainbow. The only thing you’re going to find here is the BEST sno cones West Dallas has to offer.

Rainbow Sno Cone - Knock Out

Walking up to the shack, you are greeted by a menu that list flavors like Dora, Ironman, and Avatar? Whatever. Tha’ts not what we trekked out here for. But for starters, the root-beer knockout held us over until the main course. The best thing about the knock out(aka a knock out is a half ice cream half reg sno cone) was the goodies up top; root-beer flavored Dum-Dum and gummy bears. YUM.

Rainbow Sno Cone - Sundae

Shaved ice ain’t your thang, sokay, they got sundaes-in-a-cup. The vanilla, hot fudge, mini oreos, whip cream, and yup EXTRA MINI BROWNIES made the wait in the heat worth it. You can never go wrong wif brownies and ice cream, even if they are the mini type. The things coming out the little window is CRRRRRACK.

Mangonada and Diablo with pickles and kiwi

And now on to the Pièce de résistance. These two bad boys are the sole reason we trekked it out here. The little guy is Rainbow’s version of a mangonada (if y’all aint familiar with what one is, go HERE . Best in Dallas). Think Sweet, Spicy, and Salty. The holy trinity of flavors. Go buy this now.
The obnoxiously large “Texas Sized” one was by far the most evilest 32oz we have ever consumed. It was called the Diablo and it definitely brought the HEAT. We got it fully loaded with pickles and kiwi, Yes PICKLES and KIWI (which paired surprisingly well with the spice/sour/salt of the ice) . Pretty much this thing was like eating lava that . 5mins into it we all caught a case of the bubble guts. but it was totally worth it.

So next time you wanna drink something other than that pruple drink out of a Styrofoam cup head out to Rainbow. Peace.


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