Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos

Taco Bell Doritos locos tacos Review - The Glut Life

When I heard rumblings of this special Doritos taco shell collab happening awhile back, I pretty much blew it off as some kind of weird internet joke that got blown out of proportion. But for some reason this one wouldn’t die. Even though people would say they had spotted some in the wild, I still wasn’t buying it. There was just no way Taco Bell and Doritos would do this. Then it happened…. about a month ago if you followed us on Twitter you got to watch live just as we did of Taco Bell’s official announcement of the nacho cheese flavored Doritos locos taco shell. My mind was blown.

Taco Bell Doritos locos tacos Review - The Glut Life

What’s so rad about this thing is that we NEVER get cool crazy products like this on our side of the pond. You have to fly to Japan or Europe to get that real primo stuff. I’m talking things like this, this, and this . I can’t wait for America to get on that kind of level.
My mouth was so ready these tacos to be the new ‘hotness’, but what I got was totally wack. It’s only saving grace was that the concept was amazing. It kinda made up for the bland taste and weird texture of the shells. Think of the shells as a mix of dried out chewy rice paper and a normal taco shell that someone poured a bag of Doritos crumbs on. I don’t know if these had been pre-made and sat around and gotten stale, but these tacos had ZERO crunch factor. Taste wise they tasted…well, just like a crunchy taco from Taco Bell. Bland boring and blah.

Taco Bell Doritos locos tacos Review - The Glut Life

I’m finding that as I write this blog its becoming more and more hard to write positive reviews about fast food. I really hope that’s not a sign of me becoming a “foodsnob” by eating all this fancy schmancy stuff. But I swear, fast food has just been SUCKING to me lately. Maybe its the fact that when I eat this stuff I’ve been sober. Like I said in the Jumbaco post, If you want edible fast food all you need to do is get completely wasted. Next time, someone please remind me to drink before I review some fast food.


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