Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays: 4/27/12

Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays - The Glut Life

Last week Glut Hommie Jesus23 hooked it up and invited us out to the Rangers Game. I had been fiending to get out to the ball park to check out the new menu items, so when he said he had a few extra tickets we jumped on it. So we loaded up the Glutmoblie and headed out to the park with our gloves and Lots and Lots of Pocket shots.

Texas Rangers Girls

The Rangers ended up losing, so game itself was pretty boring. But one of the better parts of it was getting to watch one of the Ranger sluts (pictured above) chase after her cowboy hat. It blew off and she was running around all retarded after it. It was funny, Everyone was laughing at her. OK onto some real stuff… THE FOOOOOOD

The BOOMSTICK Texas Rangers Crazy Ballpark food

OMGGGGG! This is thing is called the BOOOMSTICK and it is beyond amazing. It weighs in at a little over 2lb and is well over 2 feet long and even comes in it’s own carrying case. I had the lady behind the counter load it up with grilled onions, nacho cheese, and an absurd amount of jalapenos. If you have never seen raw happiness just take a look at my face in this picture. You have no idea how awesomely Gluttastic this thing is.

The Sausage Sundae Texas Rangers Crazy Ballpark food

Next up was the Sausage Sundae. Which was actually really really really good. Where the BOOMSTICK was Gluttony at its purest, the Sausage Sundae would be something you could enjoy eating and not feel like you needed to go to church the next morning. It’s made with three scoops of goodness; Mac n Cheese, Chopped BBQ Brisket, and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Its finished off with a spicy sausage link split down the middle, topped with parsley and fished with a Pepper on top… Perfection.

Strawberry Chill Texas Rangers Crazy Ballpark food

We finished the night off with a Cherry Chill, and washed it all down with our Cokes full of Pocket Shots. Again Thanks for the tickets Jesus! Hope we showed you how we get down at sporting events.

Texas Ranger BOOMSTICK and Pocketshots

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