The Glut Life x WAAS Gallery: “Chiaroscuro”

This Saturday come join us at the WAAS Gallery to help welcome the uber talented Drew Merritt and his show ‘Chiaroscuro’ to Dallas. We will be providing wonderful things to put in your mouth all night. Also the first 50 people who come will get a special sampling / sneak peek at one of our next posts. Trust us, you will want one of these. It involves ALCOHOL. DONT MISS IT!

Here’s the deets, kiddos:

WHO: The Glut Life x WAAS Gallery: Drew Merritt’s ‘Chiaroscuro’.
WHAT: You putting things in your mouth hole, while your eye holes take in Drew’s work.
WHERE: The WAAS Gallery,  2722 LOGAN STREET, DALLAS, TX 75215.
WHEN: Saturday | August 4th 2012 | 7:30p – 10:30p

See ya There!!

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