The Glut Life x WAAS Gallery: Focal Piont

 The Glut Life x WAAS Gallery: Focal Piont Flyer

What it do guys, as you can prob tell we have been a little quiet on the bloggin’ front, but as usual when we this quiet we cookin up something. Anyway, we partnered back up with the homies over at the  WAAS Gallery for their 1 year anniversary show. It should be pretty epic. A digital video insulation by Edward Ruiz, an augmented reality insulation by  Eric Trich and a special art insulation by Kris Swenson. Ohhhh yeah, and there’s a special guest performance happening a 10:30. So yeah don’t miss out.

Oh and what bout the Glut? Yes Yes we will be feeding all you lil’folks all night long. and Yes there will be something special for the first 50 people. If you missed out on the BLT Vodka shot last time you’re DEFINITELY not going to miss out on this thing.

Here’s the deets, kiddos:

WHO: The Glut Life x WAAS Gallery: 1 Year Anniversary “Focal Point” .
WHAT: You putting things in your mouth hole, while your eye holes look at the art.
WHERE: The WAAS Gallery,  2722 LOGAN STREET, DALLAS, TX 75215.
WHEN: Saturday |September 22nd 2012 | 7:00p – 11:00p

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