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I have a special place in my heart for combining different fast food items and making my own magical creations. Usually these works of art are created after a long night of drinking and partying… Nothing says inspiration like a bad case of the beer munchies. Anyway,  Jack In The Box beat me too the punch on this one, and thought up the master piece they call…


First off, this thing isn’t going to be on the actual menu, but trying to order it as a JUMBACO would be pretty funny (future post, anyone?). You have to order each part individually, a regular Jumbo Jack and Two Tacos. Then it’s up to you to make this bad boy yourself.

the jumbaco review bite - The Glut Life
I don’t care how high up the foodie chain you think you are, it’s just a simple fact. You drink, you get hungry, and you go buy Jack In The Box Tacos. Maybe that’s the reason why eating this thing sober was so weird. TRUST ME, I soooo wanted this thing to taste like it looked, which was absolutely D E L I C I O U S. It just failed to live up to my expectations. I started to think maybe Jack In The Box changed up the recipe for the tacos? Or maybe they slipped an extra ingredient into the Jumbo Jack?.. Things just didn’t taste the same. Then I remembered… Ohhh yeah, that’s right, YOUR COMPLETELY SOBER. This stuff is meant to be eaten’ when you’re .08 aka The Limit aka Josh Hamilton.

Maybe next time I try the Jumbaco I’ll be under the influence and give this thing my blessing, but till then this one is a no no.


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