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Thai Son Vancouver BC

Canada is funny. It really reminded me of a Twilight Zone version of America. Everything looked and felt like the USA but when you really started to look close, things were definitely different. It was like a pretend version of America. I cant really describe it but I felt that all the Canadians I met and saw were doing a weird impression of how they thought Americans talked / acted. But before I get off subject lets focus on what this post is about, THE FOOD.  I don’t know if most people know this, but Vancouver has a huge Asian food scene. This is a good thing. I love love love love me sum azn food and after a day of hiking in the damp cold, nothing sounds better than a bowl of pho. So I took my Canadian hostess’s recommendation and took a trip to Thai Son.

Thai Son green tea

The dinner started with some EXTREMELY hot green tea. but it felt so good going down (pause) after being outside all day.


đậu phộng aka PEANUT SAUCE

I’ve always felt bad for people who were allergic to peanuts. They are really missing out in a lot of the best things in life, Reeses, PB&J, Peanut butter Sriracha cookies (shameless plug), those Elvis sandwiches, and of course tương đậu phộng aka PEANUT SAUCE! I love this stuff.

Shrimp and Pork Spring Rolls

The shrimp & pork spring rolls here were out of control big and retardedly cheap. I go two of these bad boys for $4 and they by 2 I really mean 4 because to eat one you have to cut it in half. These are a MUST buy when you come. sooo fresh, soooo clean tasting, sooooo yum.

Pho fixings

Then they gave me this obnoxiously huge plate of fixins’. Trust me this my fav part of the whole pho experience but man it was ridiculously big.

beef steak and meatball pho

Ahhhh, onto the main event. I got the beef steak and meatball pho. Now I’ve had this same pho all over Dallas, but man the meatballs from Thai Son were really strange. The texture was like biting into memory foam. I mean that in the nicest way possible because the taste was really on point, but they were strangely springy and super dense. The Pho itself was SUPER good. The broth had so so so many layers of flavors. Can someone please explain to me why something so clear can have so much flavor!?

And see I told you I love throwing all those fixings into my bowl. It was really funny cause I had to order like 4 sides of jalapenos to get the spice up to par with my taste. Those little Asian ladies were freaking out when they kept seeing me dump jalapenos into my pho. Guess they have never meet anyone from Texas. We like that heat.

Thai Son Vancouver

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