Welcome to the Glut Life
Ello Ello Ello Glut America, and welcome to our blog. First off, lets start with a little introduction. We are two best friends that grew up in Dallas, that share a passion with any and everything we can consume (no homo).
We figured we better write this intro post to kinda set things straight. The soul reason for us starting this blog was that we were both tired of reading played out, reheated, stale “foodie blogs”.  Trust us, we will always keep it 100% fresh, period. This isn’t going to be your normal Dallas food blog. This is going to be something we would wanna to read, and we know you will too.

Oh yeah, It sounds kinds lame, but we figured that we should put up some kind of disclaimer up.
Something that will help us sleep at night…

The opinions of The Glut Life are of our own, and ours only.
WE BLOG WHAT WE WANT. No liability will by accepted by us, the authors. Also we can not be liable for translation or interpretation of content, even if  due to grammar and punctuation errors. (Trust us, there will be plenty)



    • Sachary

      THANKS Erika!!
      Glad you like it. We have some pretty awesome ideas on where we want to take this blog.
      Being featured on the Frank blog would be so killer. Let me work out a few bugs on the site and I’ll shoot you an email ASAP.

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