Whataburger Spicy Ketchup

Whatabuger Spicy Ketchup

Whataburger has always been noted for their house lux branded “Fancy Ketchup”, so when I heard they were going to introduce a new Spicy version of the famed ketchup I had to get on it. You can seriously put the word Spicy in front of anything and my ears pop up. I just cant help myself…

Anyway, last night I finally got a chance to try it.

Hit the jump for more of the good stuff.

Whataburger Fries with spicy ketchup

So according to Whataburger, the new Spicy Ketchup consists of their regular Ketchup doctored up with REAL jalapeno puree.”Served in Whataburger’s convenient-for-dipping one-ounce tub, Spicy Ketchup is great on French fries, onion rings and hash browns, and can be substituted on any Whataburger or sandwich at no additional charge.”… Can i get an Amen!

Let me tell you this stuff is LEGIT. I mean its combining two great things, so what else can you expect. I think you get two packets on the house, then they are .75 ea. I got away with five of them for free .99… Just had to charm my large and in charge cashier. Homegirl seriously looked like the fat chick from B.A.P.S

Leaving off on a sour note, Whataburger also noted that the ketchup will only be for a “Limted Time”? Wait…WHAT! You mean I can only get this condiment crack for a limited time!?

…I’m having withdraws already :-(


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